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    It will become a national autonomous controllable computer production base and an independent controllable computer testing center.

    In the era of service data, information security is guaranteed.

     Development strategy
    Focus on one market: focus on the government, military, public utilities and enterprise groups as the representative of the industry market and corporate customers. 

    Provide two kinds of services: around information infrastructure and information security, develop special computer, server, storage and other software and hardware integration core products and key technologies; around key industries / areas, based on the integration and grafting of key resources in the industrial chain, provide overall and special solutions and services. 

    To meet the needs of three parties: to meet the needs of the country, to meet the requirements of the country for information security; to meet the needs of shareholders, to meet the requirements of the strategic layout of the group, to complete the strategic development task, to achieve strategic coordination, and to give reasonable returns to shareholders; to meet the market demand, to follow the market rules, to enhance customer experience, with market competitiveness. 

    Four combinations are emphasized: self-management and collaborative sharing of various businesses, extension and endogenous growth of strategic growth, internal training of talent echelon and external introduction, and effective combination of independent innovation and integrated innovation of technological research and development.
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