Intelligent base Intelligent manufacturing in the Great Wall Intelligent visitor system

    The first phase of Hunan Great Wall Wisdom Park covers an area of 50 mu and a building area of 30,000 square meters. It is an advanced industrial base of high-end, security and manufacturing intelligence built by China's electronics industry.

【 Intelligent Park Map 】

    The intelligent park has intelligent visitor system, plant energy monitoring system, intelligent security system, information IT system.
    Intelligent visitor system -- paperless visitor management in the Great Wall, Hunan. Visitors enter the identity information and appointment time through the intelligent visitor system of WeChat public in the Great Wall, Hunan. After the success, the electronic reminder message will be swept out.

    Hunan Great Wall, a plant energy monitoring system, has a three-tier network composed of field equipment control layer, data front-end summary device and central server. Data acquisition gateway is used to collect and collect data, and then it is sent to the server located in FMCS monitoring room to realize energy monitoring and intelligent management in the park.

    Intelligent security system - Hunan Great Wall through the park's main corridor, perimeter, parking lot, important computer room and other front-end network camera, the image will be transmitted to the monitoring center, the entire park for real-time monitoring and recording. Cooperate with electronic patrol and intrusion monitoring, video surveillance, emergency command and other systems to implement linkage control of the park to ensure Park safety.


    Information IT System-Manufacturing Process Management and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is based on the whole process of information-based monitoring, real-time monitoring of the production site, production execution process transparency; customizable production process to adapt to a variety of production processes, optimize production scheduling, scientific allocation of production resources; the latest bar code automatic identification technology It can effectively monitor the material used in production, effectively prevent errors, stupidity, and reduce human errors; effectively collect relevant information and data of management objects in production and logistics operations, and track the whole process of management objects'circulation in their life cycle, so as to enable enterprises to achieve the purchase of raw materials, production site, quality control, products. Tracking and monitoring the whole sales process, realizing the forward and reverse traceability of production quality information (products, materials, production equipment, personnel, etc.), warehouse automation management, etc.


    Green management
    In the past 28 years, Great Wall Computer has adhered to green innovation, continued to build green factories, energy conservation and emission reduction, in building energy-saving factories have also been walking in the forefront of the manufacturing industry. Build the green new manufacturing industry chain of Hunan the Great Wall.
    Hunan base adopts advanced environmental protection technologies such as waste control technology and automatic production. At the same time, R & D, production, procurement, sales and other aspects of continuous innovation. Build the green new manufacturing industry chain of Hunan the Great Wall.

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