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  Talent Policy
The Great Wall adheres to the humanistic management concept of people-oriented, adheres to a scientific concept of employment, performance-oriented, respect, care for and motivate people, actively advocates the horse racing mechanism, the company provides a racetrack, to create a fair, fair, open employment, selection of horse racing mechanism, fair competition, talent, reasonable The principle of mobility provides every employee with the right opportunities for development and broad room for development.
  Career Development
At present, the Great Wall divides the job system into four categories: management, technology, sales and operators. Employees can develop in their respective occupational areas according to their own advantages, so as to do their best. In addition, the company regularly carries out a series of targeted vocational training courses, employees can focus on their own situation to enhance the ability.
  Remuneration And Welfare
The company provides diversified remuneration systems and benefits for employees.
Welfare: Pay social insurance, enterprise annuity, paid annual vacation, supplementary insurance, enterprise staff training, high temperature subsidies, holiday fees, labor protection fees and so on.

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